Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spin the Tray_PIX N' TRAY™

Adults can play a risque new version of Spin the Bottle in a elegant, unique fun way...same fun idea & could create your own daring rules.

Spin the Bottle is a classic game that most us have played sometime in our lifetime. Spin the Tray_ PIX N' TRAY™ is an updated unique version with an added twist/unique design.

This game is extremely fun and addicting for adult players. It's a real crowd pleaser!...*I will be listing another post for kids to be able to play a modern fun version of "spin the bottle" using this same product Spin the Tray_PIX N' TRAY™ but with kids fun rules & goodies.

The new unique spin the bottle version, sure to be a crowd pleaser. It has a revolving base which makes the multi-purpose tray spin. *FREE cards with each tray purchase.
Have a treat and Spin the Tray_
PIX N' TRAY™! Your friends & family will be doing and saying the most funny and interesting things with this new version of Spin the Bottle.

Truly Entertaining!

*Things you will need; art paper, computer paper or photo paper, pen, pencil or markers and scissors.

In this discussion, I will be using art paper.You can create your own rules.

  • For creating your game cards, first trace cards on art paper(use the free cards which came with your tray purchase), there is 8 half rounds + 8 rectangular.
  • After you are done tracing, simply trim using your scissors.
  • Now, here comes the fun part...get as daring and creative as you like; write down any game rule (using a marker/pen)or place stickers(optional). Write down any rules you like but remember that not everyone is a risk taker :) so use game rules which can be used with your particular guests group. If this is just for you & your hubby then the sky is the limit! making it as risky & romantic as you can get :)

Adults could play a risque fun version of Spin the Bottle
Great for family , friends, big game get-together & parties... sure to bring excitement!

  1. You can keep the original game rule of spin the bottle by simply writing on ( 7 )half round cards, keep 1 different from the rest of the cards( follow this for any party or get-together)...example: If you are celebrating a Birthday simply use the Free Happy Birthday cards which comes with your Tray purchase. Just replace (1) of the happy birthday half round card and replace with your own (use the birthday card as a guide to trim your own card).
  2. Write, draw, or you could add a sticker on the half round card (they sell a variety of stickers in your nearest craft store). You could basically write anything on this one half round card, this is just to show players who will spin & kiss next!
  3. There are 8 half rounds + 8 rectangular inserts built on this multi-purpose tray into which photos can be inserted from an opening located on sides to easily slide your photos in & out. This is where you will place your cards.
  4. One player spins tray on floor or table in the middle of the circle, and must kiss on the lips the person to whom "the card you designed" points too, who then spins the tray in turn. If the card lands on the same person twice, then they must go further than kissing—e.g, removing an item of clothing each, and kissing. <*This is only for Adults(:

    You could add some goodies on tray, such as chocolate kisses, red hots, some popcorn, party mix etc... so everyone can spin tray & enjoy a treat! *This will be fun to play with 4 or more players. FUN FUN FUN!

f this is a wifey & hubby game then the sky is the limit!(: Use this game rule for that special occasion such as; Anniversary, Valentines, Birthday or if you just want to spark things up a little. Have Fun, enjoy a massage and enjoy a treat! Sure to keep sparks lit!

  1. You can place the cards which already comes with your tray or simply create your own, use the tray cards (free w/tray purchase) as your guide for trimming. To really surprise wifey or hubby add your most memorable photos with a message. You could write your own message using the rectangular cards as your guide for trimming (free w/tray purchase). Could write messages like...I Love You.......You Light My Fire...True love lasts forever...etc.
  2. For playing this game you will only need 4 photos & 4 of the half round cards which you will create. The 4 photos will be used just to personalize the tray, great for reminiscing. The 4 half round cards which you made, will be placed in half round inserts which are located towards front of tray and photos will go towards center of tray.
    Before placing the half rounds you designed into tray, make sure you write down what you will like to receive or give, such as; Receive a massage to your liking for 5 minutes, Take shirt & pants off!, Give a massage for 5 minutes, Kiss slowly for 5 minutes (make sure you breathe lol)...remember only 5 minutes kissing, make sure you come back to play (: These are just some examples. You could get as risqué as you like. The sky is the limit!
  3. Before you begin to play, light up a candle on center of tray and add some rose pedals on table surrounding the tray... Note:*Always use a candle votive before placing on tray & do not leave candle unattended. Lighting a candle will bring a romantic ambience while playing, sure to keep sparks lit! You could also add his or her favorite treats, such as: chocolate kisses, gummy bears, strawberries etc...
  4. Now get comfortable, begin your risqué game with your wifey/hubby. Each one will take a chance to spin tray. When tray stops spinning , card w/ message which faces spinner must complete what is written on card. Sure to really be a pleaser! No loosers in this game... you both will win! (:

Playing TRUTH or DARE "PIX N' TRAY version"

Truth or Dare is a fun party game for a group of five to ten kids of all ages. This game is fun for everybody. Here are a few steps to teach you how to play the classic game.

  1. Here you will do the same as mentioned above, but you will write on 2 of the half rounds TRUTH and 2 of the half rounds DARE. These will be placed in the front of the tray's 4 half round inserts.
  2. So everyone will spin the tray one at a time, when the tray stops spinning the player will have to do what the cards says. If it stopped on TRUTH the spinner must answer what ever question the previous player ask. If it stops on DARE he /she must DARE to do or answer what the previous player ask to say or do.
  3. Add some yummy treats on the tray to keep everyone entertained.

Truly Entertaining!

Note: You can use questions based on your age and who you are playing with.

Tips & Warnings: Write truth questions or dares on little pieces of paper before the party starts(*never ask someone a dare that you know is really personal).
Place the questions in a small zip lock bag or any bag and label one bag TRUTH and one bag DARE.

Each player gets one each time he or she spins, and then has to answer the question or perform the dare.

If you don't want to answer the question or do the dare, you can appeal to the group who may vote to overturn it and make up a new challenge.The dare can be silly - something like "Do an imitation of a Monkey, your favorite celebrity, etc." - but not dangerous. It's up to the person asking the question.


*Check back soon for some more unique fun games you could play using this one festive centerpiece PIX N' TRAY™

*You can find this new unique mulit-purpose centerpiece at>>

*Note: Photo is showing a bottle of champagne for demonstration only. PIX N' TRAY, Inc is not in any way advertising alcohol consumption.. If you do decide to drink please do not drink & drive.